Formerly, office suite rentals were only for large corporations or companies. Now, with the trend in co-working and shared office spaces, they are accessible for freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, start-ups, or small businesses. If you are contemplating an office space, here are five reasons why you need an office suite rental.


Renting an office suite is more affordable than you think. Due to the rise in shared office spaces, rentals are becoming more available and affordable for professionals and their clients. Whether you need a large, medium, or small office, you can choose the rental price based on on your office space needs. McCarty Executive Suites provides furnishings, amenities, utilities, and weekly janitorial services.

Office Perks

Office suite rentals provide access to high-speed internet, virtual assistants, and other technology services. You not only have your own private office, but you also have access to a conference room, kitchen, coffee break room, and reception area for visitors. Additionally, you do not have to worry about parking for you or your clients.


Maintaining a professional appearance is important when meeting with clients. A physical business address allows clients to meet you in your private office space or conference room. Reception areas are essential for waiting clients; this reinforces a professional environment and provides a great first impression for clients. An office suite rental always beats asking to meet clients in a coffee shop or at home.


Working in a cafe or coffee shop is noisy and distracting. Working at home can also be disruptive, especially with family members or pets around. At home, you can easily raid the fridge, turn on the television, or find an excuse to take a break from work. With your own private office, you not only have space to yourself, but there are much fewer distractions. A professional work environment encourages focus and productivity.


Our offices provide you with space; you can interact as much or as little as you would like and still be a part of a professional community.

If you are considering an office suite rental, McCarty Executive Suites is conveniently located in the Naperville/Aurora area. Our offices are close to a myriad of retail stores, restaurants, and other professional businesses. We offer an affordable solution to suit every need. If you have any questions, please call us at (630)-898-5578.


Looking for office rentals? At McCarty Executive Suites, we know it is important to find the perfect space and location for your professional office. Whether you are seeking a new start-up space or growing an established business, there are 3 things to consider when looking for office rentals.


Choosing the best space for your business depends on several things. Office size, amenities, furnishings, and aesthetics are things to consider. But first, it is helpful to know if there are expansion plans for your company. If your intentions are to keep the number of employees the same or within a calculated range, then you can determine if you need a small, medium or large space.

The next step when looking at office rentals is determining if the amenities are right for your business. Does the office have a kitchen and break room? Is there a conference room and reception area? It is important to consider these spaces when choosing a comfortable environment for you, your staff, and your clients. Lastly, does the office rental come furnished? If so, is the furniture aesthetically pleasing and comfortable? First impressions are everything to new and potential clients. Make sure your office space is welcoming and enhances your image.


A business location is just as important as your office space. When clients visit, you want to make sure it is convenient for them. Are there plenty of parking spaces, and are those spots easily accessible?

Additionally, is the office building quiet and in a suitable location? Do you share space with other professionals, or is the building shared with an apartment building or retail spaces? This is important to consider because the environment matters. Sharing space in a quiet location with other like-minded professionals guarantees fewer distractions and disturbances. Also consider nearby restaurants. Having various restaurant options near your business is helpful when taking clients our to lunch. Keep these considerations in mind when selecting a location, because where your office resides reflects on your brand and image.


When it comes to office rentals, price matters, especially if you are a start-up. It is not only important to consider space and location, but also what your rental includes. Does the price cover amenities, high-speed Internet, utilities, and janitorial services? This is where commercial real estate brokers and landlords can be competitive. It is very advantageous to find out who can offer you the best value for your money.

When scoping out your options, it is best to schedule a tour to see the rental office in person. This helps you assess the area, and lets you know whom you will be sharing the building space with. Whether you are a large business or a small start-up, McCarty Executive Suites has office rentals to suit every need. We also offer flexible options and affordable prices with attention to your business needs. For more information or to schedule a visit, feel free to contact us.

Is your business out growing your home office? Do you need a private space to conduct client meetings or make phone calls? Whether you need a hassle-free space to launch your new business or your current practice is outgrowing the bedroom office, McCarty Executive Suites has something to offer. Moving into a meticulously maintained business space not only gives your business room to grow, but ensures your clients are comfortable and well taken care of. At McCarty, we look forward to welcoming your business into one of our affordable private offices.

 Amenities for your clients

We strive to take care of both you and the clients coming to your business. Our beautiful brick building will impress your clients from the start with its stately curb appeal. We proudly offer professional reception areas, a sleek waiting room, and private restroom facilities. We have an on-site parking lot so your clients can skip the frustration of metered parking or searching for a side street to park their car. Our private offices offer a safe space to schedule patient appointments and meetings. The professional atmosphere you will find at McCarty will contribute to daily productivity and keep your clients coming back.

Amenities for the business owner

All of our offices are professionally equipped with furniture. This removes the cost of buying or renting your own. As a business owner, we know your time is valuable and we have taken care of the hassle of moving into a new office. You are welcome to add your own finishing touches and decorate to make it your own space. This ensures both you and your clients will feel at ease.

We have offices ranging in size from 90-195 square feet, each equipped with high speed internet access and a large conference room. We are located near an assortment of restaurants to take clients or colleagues out for business lunches. For the days you do not have time to leave the office for lunch, we have an on site kitchen. If you need an afternoon pick me up, take advantage of the coffee bar next to the kitchen. When your work day is over, our janitorial staff will take care of the weekly cleaning.

We know what business owners need and you will be impressed with our facilities. For more information, please call us at (630) 898-5578, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, give you a tour, and help you pick the right office space to fit your needs. We are located on 75th street in Aurora, Illinois, central to restaurants, retail, and other professional businesses. Let us help your business thrive!