If you count yourself among the work-from-home population, you’re not alone – in fact, nearly half of all U.S. employees work remotely. While this can pose a number of advantages, like the savings of eliminating your commute to the flexibility of being able to pick up (or put down) your work whenever the need arises, working from home doesn’t always work for everyone. Read on to learn more about the common issues that can drive work-from-home employees to seek alternative arrangements.

Why You May Be Considering Giving up Your Home Office?

Just as there are a number of considerations that can support a decision to work from home in the first place, there are also some factors commonly cited by former workers as good reasons to consider returning to an office environment.

  • Lack of privacy: One of the advantages of working from home is the ability to be more flexible with your childcare arrangements, even forgoing outside childcare in lieu of keeping your kid(s) at home. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to perform confidential or time-sensitive work.
  • Lack of work/life balance: The convenience of being able to work from your living room, bedroom, or even backyard can sometimes be outweighed by the inability to keep your job responsibilities from seeping into your personal and family life. This is especially common among salaried positions that don’t depend on clocking exactly 40 hours per week.
  • Lack of focus or socialization: Although introverts are often at their happiest when left to work in relative solitude, extroverts can sometimes find it tough to focus without outside stimulation, whether its idle small talk or a more robust in-person meeting. Many introverts may eventually find the lack of interpersonal interaction common among teleworking arrangements to be stifling.
  • Lack of space: As businesses grow, so does their need for space, and your home office and garage may no longer fit the bill. For retail-based jobs and freelance positions, having enough space to safely store inventory can be crucial.

What If Your Home Office Is No Longer Working?

Fortunately, a workable arrangement doesn’t necessarily mean being relegated back to a cubicle environment.

  • Leasing or renting office space: Sometimes, testing out a new office arrangement before you dive in with a long-term lease can be the most prudent choice. A rental office can offer great amenities, ample space, and a professional appearance for any client meetings.

Renting office space from a facility like McCarty Executive Suites can help you promote a successful public image and provide you with a significantly expanded working space. Give us a call at 630-898-5578, or fill out the contact form on our website today if you’re thinking about moving your Naperville home office to a more public location.

First impressions can become lasting impressions when it comes to your business office. Your clients will be more impressed entering an executive office suite building than meeting at your kitchen table, or a local cafe. This is one good reason to relocate your current home-based or startup business to a shared office space. Another reason to consider moving is the addition of new employees. A shared office space gives you and your business the space it needs to grow. The initial cost of a shared office space is less than renting a storefront or stand-alone building, not to mention that working in a setting with other businesses provides you with networking opportunities.

Location Matters

Is your location convenient for your clients? This is another factor to consider when contemplating a new office space. Shared office spaces are often located in professional business parks or in high retail areas. McCarty Executive Suites is conveniently located between Aurora and Naperville, and provides ample parking for current and prospective clients. Invite your clients into the professional reception area at our facilities before leading them to your private office space, or book a time in the conference room for meetings. Most clients prefer a legitimate business address to a home-based office.

Cost Effective Business Expense

Overhead cost can be holding you back from renting for your business. McCarty Executive Suites has affordable furnished offices that range from 95-195 square feet. These executive suites include a reception area, waiting room, conference room, kitchen, high-speed internet, utilities, and weekly janitorial services. An independent office would require your business to pay for services separately, and might not include features like a kitchen or conference room. Purchasing all new business furniture may not have been on your radar either. Shared office space offers you a standard monthly fee, so that your profits can be used to grow your business, instead of paying unexpected overhead expenses.

Business Growth with Shared Office Space

Many budding entrepreneurs begin their businesses at home, but a shared office space at McCarty Executive Suites can add the missing piece of the puzzle, legitimacy. Contact us today to discuss options and pricing for your business needs. Shared office space is a fast growing trend. Help your business to become more accessible in a productive and professional work environment.

Customers new and old will be more likely to meet with you if you have a professional image, and address. These components add prestige to what you are putting your name on and shows that you have reached a new level of success, which can put your clientele at ease. A professional office space with a polished look can add to the growth of your business, and give you the option of different office rental sizes to expand your business. Don’t let start-up costs or a fear of unmanageable added expenses keep you from starting or expanding your business. McCarty Executive Suites offers an affordable business solution.

The advent of laptop computers and smartphones has led to a revolution for small businesses. One problem that has arisen from these technological advances is that many of these businesses cannot be found on a map, and their legitimacy may seem questionable. Most small businesses have started in spare rooms, and the only way to grow beyond their current level is to relocate to a professional space. Your safety is also a concern when completing business with strangers. An office setting located in a business park places you and your family at less risk than inviting strangers into your home.

Starting and expanding businesses usually requires a lot of money upfront when renting office space. The cost of first and last month’s rent, deposits on utilities, equipment purchases or leases, and an assortment of other unforeseen expenses. This can be a profit killer for your fledgling business. Thousands of dollars can be spent before you have even made your first sale. With ready to use furnished office space, McCarty Suites can give your business a professional, public, and accessible location without the added costs.

The Benefits of Executive Suites in Naperville

With office space ranging from 95-195 square feet, high-speed internet access, a reception area, kitchen, and conference room, McCarty Executive Suites Naperville offers small business expansion and start-up solutions with the atmosphere of a professional office space. The amenities that you receive could cost you thousands of dollars for stand alone property of this caliber. Located conveniently on the corner of Route 59 and 75th Street on the Naperville/Aurora border, your business will be accessible to your target clientele.

Impressing your customers as they pull up to the building in a spacious private parking lot will only boost your credibility. At McCarty Executive Suites, we can help you portray a prestigious persona for your clientele in an affordable office space. Contact us today by phone or take the time to fill out the contact form on our site.