Why You Need an Office Suite Rental

Why You Need an Office Suite Rental

Formerly, office suite rentals were only for large corporations or companies. Now, with the trend in co-working and shared office spaces, they are accessible for freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, start-ups, or small businesses. If you are contemplating an office space, here are five reasons why you need an office suite rental.


Renting an office suite is more affordable than you think. Due to the rise in shared office spaces, rentals are becoming more available and affordable for professionals and their clients. Whether you need a large, medium, or small office, you can choose the rental price based on on your office space needs. McCarty Executive Suites provides furnishings, amenities, utilities, and weekly janitorial services.

Office Perks

Office suite rentals provide access to high-speed internet, virtual assistants, and other technology services. You not only have your own private office, but you also have access to a conference room, kitchen, coffee break room, and reception area for visitors. Additionally, you do not have to worry about parking for you or your clients.


Maintaining a professional appearance is important when meeting with clients. A physical business address allows clients to meet you in your private office space or conference room. Reception areas are essential for waiting clients; this reinforces a professional environment and provides a great first impression for clients. An office suite rental always beats asking to meet clients in a coffee shop or at home.


Working in a cafe or coffee shop is noisy and distracting. Working at home can also be disruptive, especially with family members or pets around. At home, you can easily raid the fridge, turn on the television, or find an excuse to take a break from work. With your own private office, you not only have space to yourself, but there are much fewer distractions. A professional work environment encourages focus and productivity.


Our offices provide you with space; you can interact as much or as little as you would like and still be a part of a professional community.

If you are considering an office suite rental, McCarty Executive Suites is conveniently located in the Naperville/Aurora area. Our offices are close to a myriad of retail stores, restaurants, and other professional businesses. We offer an affordable solution to suit every need. If you have any questions, please call us at (630)-898-5578.